Why CRM is Important for the Solar Industry


Why CRM is Important for the Solar Industry

In 2021, the residential solar market in the U.S. is poised to hit 3 million installations. While this is good news for solar firms, they also need to face one difficult fact – the industry is becoming more crowded and they need all the help they can get to achieve competitive differentiation, optimize their sales process, and scale up their operations. With the right tools, they can nurture their leads, efficiently manage and grow their sales, and boost their revenues and profits – even in a competitive market that is somewhat thrown off by the COVID-19 pandemic.

And one of the most important tools is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform like SaaS Solar.

Why Do Solar Firms Need CRM?

Despite the Coronavirus crisis, solar developers, financiers and installers have found new ways of selling and funding projects. Nonetheless, they are still facing several major challenges related to:

  • Adjusting to social distancing norms and national lock-down to make the sales process entirely remote
  • Managing and qualifying leads, and increasing sales
  • Quickly sending quotes to customers faster than the competition
  • Triggering the sales process to get more deals
  • Improving team collaboration to get more sales and reduce errors

All these issues can be mitigated with a powerful Solar CRM platform like SaaS Solar.
How SaaS Solar CRM Can Transform Your Solar Firm
Here’s how a CRM like SaaS Solar can help you take your solar business into the big leagues.

Improve your leads management and ensure smarter prospecting

With SaaS Solar, every sales, intake, installation and service activity is automated to simplify tracking, management and control. Manage every process from one place, and effortlessly transition from cold lead to prospect to installation to monitoring. Never miss out on a lead opportunity, and increase your chances of converting more leads into more deals.

Simplify follow-ups with leads and prospects

To keep the sales pipeline moving along, it’s not enough to get leads or identify prospects. Following up with them is even more important. But manual follow-ups with every lead multiple times is neither feasible nor sustainable. With SaaS Solar, follow-ups are easy because you can send timely reminders and FYIs at any stage of the sales lifecycle with customizable templates and automated email delivery triggers.

Effortlessly create proposals and get the ball rolling faster

SaaS Solar’s easy-to-use design features can streamline your proposal creation process. Calculate key metrics and create customized proposals with color settings, configurable layouts, logos and personalized content. And then quickly share the proposal in the customer’s preferred format. Each step takes mere minutes, so the customer has all the information they need to made decisions – in your favor!
Synchronize every resource and document, and streamline project management

From documents and tasks to people and projects – SaaS Solar synchronizes everything so nothing ever falls through the cracks. Leverage its advanced project management capabilities to manage each activity, customer and project, and ensure great results every time.
Wrap up

Every solar project has multiple moving parts that need to be closely managed – from order tracking and job preparation, to credit checks and customer documentation. In current times, solar firms are also looking to streamline their processes, boost their sales, manage leads, improve customer relationships, and lower costs. With SaaS Solar’s cloud-based CRM platform, all these advantages are available in the palm of your hand so makes organizing, managing and growing your solar business is easier than ever.

Want to know how SaaS Solar can help you with lead generation, smarter prospecting, proposal creation, credit score checks, customer support and more? Click here  for a free demo!

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