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Cost saving CRM

custom built for
your solar business

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your Solar business, and stay on top of every prospect, lead, customer and employee, CRM can help. SaaS Solar is custom-built for solar firms and customized for yours!






User-friendly UI

Saas Solar

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Fully-customizable Smart CRM for you Solar Operations
Effortlessly manage, track and optimize every project, lead and customer with one single app. Manage your Inventory, Your Installation team, Easy to use. Multiple 3rd-party integrations. No coding. Minimal training


A bright future for
your Solar Business

Game-changing Technology

Goodbye cumbersome, manual processes to track prospects and sales, assign leads, and follow-up on conversions – SaaS Solar’s AI engine will do it for you! Leverage its business intelligence and actionable insights to make forecasts, monitor progress, optimize performance, and more.

lead generation


No More Missed Opportunities

With SaaS Solar, you have everything you need to identify, capture, categorize, nurture and document leads. Keep track of each lead, guide them down the funnel, and move them towards a sale. SaaS Solar is with you – all the way from touch to close.

Profits on the Upswing

More Conversions, More Sales, More Profits

SaaS Solar’s functionalities empower you to grab a bigger slice of the huge solar industry pie. When you convert more maybes to definitely, and more laters to now, you will see a huge difference in your sales output. This means more revenues, and a stronger bottomline!

Connect Departments, Unite Personnel Organize Data

Get rid of inefficient silos, improve data-sharing and communications, and take your team’s productivity to the next level.

Social Media

Never lose track of customers’ requirements. Everything you need to serve them in the palm of your hand.


SaaS Solar, you can focus on what really matters – getting more customers and making more customers your raving fans!

Your Business with SaaS Solar

Everything you need to meet every goal and solve every challenge

Track and nurture leads

Track and nurture leads

Document, categorize and nurture leads, all the way from touch to close

Boost conversions

Boost conversions

Convert more maybes and laters to yes! More sales, more revenues and more profits!

Streamline internal processes

Streamline internal processes

Leverage synergies and improve collaboration – one team, one firm, goodbye competitors!

Wow your customers

Wow your customers

All the information you need to provide world-class service and make every customer happy