SaaS Solar
Customer Portal

Simple, Convenient, Comprehensive

Welcome to SaaS Solar’s Customer Portal! With this secure, easy-to-use, convenient system, your commercial customers can access all relevant information and assets about their solar project at any time. Residential customers can also benefit, with downloadable invoices, system product details, ticketing support, and more.


Every Project,
Every Resource,
and One Place

All the information you need in one central location

Are your commercial or residential solar customers demanding a way to get detailed, up-to-date insights into their specific project? Do they need easy access to their project documents, history, milestones, and financials? The SaaS Solar Customer Portal can help!

Full Clarity, Zero Confusion

Streamlined information for better visibility

Your customers have full visibility into the status of their solar project. The SaaS Solar Customer Portal combines the best of project management tools, CRM and ticketing portals, allowing commercial customers can track progress, get updates, review financials, and even ask queries or raise tickets.


Key Features of
SaaS Solar Customer Portal

Easy customer support

Customers can contact you for any clarifications, and even log tickets in case of issues. Your team can easily track each ticket, prioritize by urgency, and modify status to update them and keep them happy.

Download key documents

No more printing out invoices or maintaining paper copies of warranty cards. All their documents are saved in a digital format. Residential customers can download these docs at any time, or even send them to themselves via email.

Check product configuration

A solar installation project consists of multiple components, and each project is different. Customers can check their specific configuration and understand exactly what they’re getting with their investment.

Review Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Share SLA agreements within the portal so each customer can see what you will provide, how, and by when.

Email and SMS alerts

Make sure you and your customers are on the same page always. Is a payment due date approaching? Is their warranty about to expire? Set up email or SMS alerts to inform them so they can take advance action.

Customize the portal

Personalize the SaaS Solar Customer Portal with your brand’s unique colors, logo and other personality aspects.


Project tracking

Your commercial customers can track every aspect of their solar installation project – from start and end dates, to milestones, tasks, and resources. The portal works like a combined project management and quality assurance tool so they know exactly what’s happening at any given time.

Case management

Customers can raise tickets for any issue and track its status until it’s resolved. By tracking and documenting each case, you can improve your processes and delivery quality. Alternately, if you’d like to provide a call-in helpline to expedite common issues, you can do that too. Your customers will definitely appreciate it!

Detailed, up-to-date digital document repository

All the paperwork about their specific commercial project is saved digitally within the portal. They can download these docs at any time, and share them within the organization via email. Only authorized personnel can access these documents, ensuring complete security and peace of mind.

Information about financials

All detailed information about purchase or leasing costs, warranty, number of instalments, payment schedules, cash flows, etc. is saved within the portal. They can review these critical aspects at any time. And if they have queries, they can contact you for clarifications by logging tickets or contacting you via your helpline.

Unlimited number of customers

How many commercial customers can get access to your portal? As many as you like! Each customer counts as a record in your database, which is scalable. Create a customized portal for each customer organization, and give them access through unique credentials. Only they can view or download their project’s records.

Email and SMS alerts

Make sure you and your customers are on the same page always. Is a payment due date approaching? Is their warranty about to expire? Set up email or SMS alerts to inform them so they can take advance action.

Advantages of
SaaS Solar Customer Portal

Easy to use
Customers will love its convenience, ease of use and intuitive features.
Mix and match the specific functionalities your commercial customers need.
Make it simple for customers to pay you on time and in full.
Add your brand’s colors and logos, and make it a part of your unique solar offering.
They can download their invoices and track other payment info.
Safe and secure
Complete data security with strong credentials and back-end encryption.