World-class Features &
Extraordinary Benefits

Manage your entire sales, intake and on-boarding process from one place. With SaaS Solar, every sales, installation and service activity is automated or documented – to simplify tracking, management and control.

Door-to-door sales is great for brand recognition and relationship-building – make it work for you!

Smarter Prospecting for
Increased Conversions

Lead Capture & Nurturing

Get greater control over every lead with all the information you need at your fingertips. Never miss out on a lead opportunity, and increase your chances of converting leads into customers.

Create Quotes

Quickly create comprehensive and accurate quotes, and send them to clients instantly. Include cost analyses and environmental benefits information, so they’re fully aware of what they’re getting.

Credit Score Check

Easily check credit score, and quickly determine who qualifies for your solar solution. Support these new customers with user-friendly finance options, and keep your business moving forward.

Create Contracts & Projects

Configure proposals and create new projects with full contract editor and live data feeds. Track all orders, contracts and approvals without missing a single update from any team member.

Easy Installation & Setup

Quick and easy setup so you can minimize installation issues and close the loop with customers. Automate and track the progress of every job and site, from design to installation, and beyond.

Capture Door Knock

SaaS Solar is fully mobile so sales teams can easily create, track and update door records. Individuals can also share their progress with the team for perfect alignment on each lead and prospect.

Professional Proposals

Once a prospect converts into a customer, quickly deliver a detailed proposal customized with your brand’s logo and e Signature. Estimate roof area, and include all charges to eliminate errors and manage customer expectations. SaaS Solar streamlines the proposal creation process to speed up deal closure – any time, every time.

Lower Costs
Efficient Installations

All Convenience, No Hassle

Take the guesswork out of managing your business for any customer or project. Easily transition from cold lead to prospect to installation, and bring the future closer with tools that simplify every process and workflow – from start to finish.

saas solar features

Smarter Prospecting for Increased Conversions

SaaS Solar’s powerful CRM takes the guesswork out of managing your sales and proposal processes, no matter the customer or project size. Easily transition from cold lead to prospect to installation to monitoring with this integrated end-to-end platform. Your solar business is built for the future. Bring the future closer to you – and to your customers – with tools that simplify the sales and installation process from start to finish.