Primary Growth Factors

Solar: the fastest-growing renewable energy

In 2021, the U.S. residential solar market will hit 3 million installations. By 2026, the market value will be $223.3 billion. Solar technology has opened up business opportunities for companies, and cost-saving/clean energy opportunities for consumers. Solar is growing. Here’s why!

 Multiple Applications

Solar Energy has numerous advantages.
Solar Energy is here to stay!

But it is not without its CHALLENGES.


challenges for
Solar Businesses

Our research shows that the most serious challenges for solar firms are…

Despite many opportunities, the solar industry is not without its challenges. As it becomes more crowded, solar companies struggle to nurture leads towards conversions. A lack of integrated customer views, siloed departments, and below-par customer service limit their ability to scale and expand. Naturally, solar companies need all the help they can get to achieve competitive differentiation, optimize sales processes, and scale up operations. Enter SaaS Solar!


A Boon for
Your Solar Business

SaaS Solar can make a crucial difference for your company

SaaS Solar is feature-rich, fully customizable, mobile-ready and easy to use. Leverage intelligent automation, an intuitive UI, and a visually-rich dashboard to streamline every process and workflow. Want to connect sales, marketing, project management, engineering and customer service? Done. Improve operational efficiency and productivity? Done. Satisfy customers’ specific requirements, and enhance their experiences? Also done!

SaaS Solar brings you all
the power and potential of


Cloud-based Access

3rd-party Integrations

End-to-end Lifecycle Management

leader board mobile

designed for solar organizations

  • Automated tracking
  • Fully customizable
  • Mobile-ready
  • Intuitive UI
  • Visual, user-friendly reports and dashboards

The Power of CRM,
The Potential of Solar

SaaS Solar can make a crucial difference for your company

With SaaS Solar, you get a powerful CRM application to collect, analyze and track site and customer data. Monitor leads in real time, take proactive actions to move them down the funnels, and boost conversions. You can also better understand and manage customer journeys, enhance workforce productivity, and improve on-site performance. Leverage this powerful solution to reduce costs, control cashflows and increase profits, now and in future!

Automation Process

Improve prospecting, lead nurturing, sales and customer service , Streamline project and account management – all the way from lead capture to post-sales support, Enhance customer relationships with customized quotations, proposals, contracts, and invoices

With SaaS Solar, you can do all this and more!

Powerful Automation App for Solar Organizations | One Powerful CRM | SaaS Solar

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