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Be part of the clean energy revolution with SaaS Solar

Amidst the global clamor for sustainability and green living, a clean energy revolution is taking place across the world. In the U.S. alone, renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source, increasing by 100% in less than two decades. And solar is leading this charge as the fastest-growing electricity source. SaaS Solar is on a mission to drive the global shift towards a clean, green, solar-powered economy. We feel very strongly about climate change, and are inspired by the many compelling voices – including voices belonging to the younger generations – to curtail the harmful effects of fossil fuels on Planet Earth and ultimately on the human race. If you are already part of this revolution, allow us to support you!

Superior Leads & Project Management

Never miss out on any opportunity to identify leads or convert them into prospects. Leverage advanced automation capabilities to enhance project management and ensure that every customer is satisfied with your solar offering.

Keep Everything in Sync

From documents and tasks to people and projects –  SaaS Solar enables you to always stay in sync so nothing ever falls through the cracks. This easy-to-use yet powerful CRM makes organizing, managing and growing your solar business easier than ever.

Improve Customer Service

Supercharge your customer service capabilities with SaaS Solar’s customer-centric tools and features. Be completely transparent with customers by sharing all relevant information that improves their decision-making and promotes brand trust.

Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control

Every solar project has multiple moving parts that need to be closely managed – from order tracking and job preparation to credit checks and customer documentation. SaaS Solar’s custom-built system is designed specifically to simplify these tasks for solar firms.

Easy-to-use cloud-based app, powered by CRM

Manage your entire solar business from one easy-to-use application

We believe that abundant – and free! – solar energy is the best hope for our future, and the future of our coming generations. Unfortunately, as a society, have not been able to harness the power of solar energy at a scope and scale that would make a truly compelling difference. SaaS Solar is determined to bring about this difference by empowering solar companies with a modern, technology-led application. SaaS Solar is simple, intuitive and comprehensive – specifically designed to simplify life (and business!) for solar organizations.

With our application, solar professionals can easily automate their entire sales/installation/service pipeline. They can capture and nurture leads, perform credit score checks, create proposals and contracts, and manage every sales and installation activity with minimum hassle or fuss. If you are a solar organization or professional, and want to know more about SaaS Solar, please contact We’d be delighted to accelerate your company’s progress in the very exciting field of renewable/solar energy generation!