Fast Estimations &
Detailed Proposals

Drag and drop solar panels onto a satellite image of your customer’s home, and instantly generate professional and detailed proposals that they can easily understand.

Simple, Powerful, Customizable

Leverage the easy-to-use design to streamline the entire proposal creation process – right in front of the customer. Calculate key metrics and quickly create customized proposals that you can share in the customer’s preferred format. Everything you need to help them – in the palm of your hand!

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  • Create configurable branded proposals, with color settings, configurable layouts, logos, and personalized content
  • Full 3D modeling, design and automation, with automated solar array placement
  • Completely digitalized customer experience: live panel design, cost estimations, digital signatures, payments, and more
  • Show the full financial analysis (including costs and savings), and environmental benefits
  • Send proposals as a link, print them, or save as PDFs

Better Proposals, More Deal Closures

Each step takes mere minutes, not hours or days!

World-class Solar Proposal Management

End-to-end proposal management toolkit with CRM to drive greater efficiency,
scale and profitability

Create Proposals

  • Roofing and Solar
  • Interactive and real-time
  • Ready in minutes
  • Dynamic calculations
  • Fully-customizable per customer and brand

Manage Finances

  • Integrated credit checks
  • ACH/credit card payments
  • Payment auto-calculator
  • Attach relevant documents
  • Display key metrics

Simplify Documentation

  • Install and net-metering agreements
  • Ready in minutes
  • Saved in the SaaS Solar dashboard
  • Send as link to customer
  • Also downloadable as PDF


  • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Accurately- scaled, customizable templates
  • To-scale imaging with accurate sunlight data
  • Wind speed, snow load and shade analysis
  • All kinds of locations and solar settings

Create proposals that close more deals-in home

More conversions, more sales, happier customers

With SaaS Solar’s dynamic proposals, your salespeople have everything they need to offer a customized offering for each deal. Accurate data, easy editing, plus easy-to-understand output that will get more customers to the final deal table.

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