Everything you need to help customers – in the palm of your hand!

Leverage the easy-to-use design to streamline the entire proposal creation process. Design live panels, calculate key metrics, estimate costs, and show environmental benefits, right in front of the customer. Then quickly share it in their preferred format. It’s all so easy your customers will be floored!

World-class Solar
Proposal Management

Create Proposals

  • Roofing and Solar
  • Interactive and real-time
  • Ready in minutes
  • Dynamic calculations
  • Fully-customizable per customer and brand

Simplify Documentation

  • Install and net-metering agreements
  • Ready in minutes
  • Saved in the SaaS Solar dashboard
  • Send as link to customer
  • Also downloadable as PDF

Common Features

  • Payment auto-calculator
  • Attach relevant documents
  • Display key metrics
  • E-signature
  • Outlook and Gmail integration
  • Google map

Manage Finances (Add-ons)

  • Integrate credit checks
  • ACH/credit card payments

close more deals

More conversions, more sales, happier customers

With SaaS Solar’s dynamic proposals, your salespeople have everything they need to offer a customized offering for each deal. Accurate data, easy editing, plus easy-to-understand output that will get more customers to the final deal table.

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