IT Involvement In the Solar Industry

Solar Industry

How Solar Firms Can Capitalize on IT and Software

Over the past few decades, the global focus on green living and sustainability has increased by leaps and bounds. As our understanding of the harmful effects of fossil fuels becomes more entrenched, the shift towards renewable energy like solar, wind and hydro is not surprising. The solar industry is leading this charge, with the global solar market projected to be valued at $223.3 billion by 2026. And one of the key reasons for this rising interest in solar power – not to mention a massive boost in solar sales, particularly in countries like USA and China – is the increasing ubiquity and availability of technology and software, customized for use by (and for) the solar industry.

In fact, it would be fair to say that technology has opened up numerous opportunities for the solar industry. Asset owners can now take advantage of specialized software and applications such as Solar CRM, solar system design software, as well as sophisticated platforms that seamlessly integrate asset management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), support advanced performance monitoring, and automate business processes and workflows.

Specialized software for solar companies yields a number of benefits. It can help them streamline, manage and control their sales (including door to door sales), project management, and installation processes, so they can optimize their resource utilization, minimize costs and maximize profitability. IT and software customized for a  solar system can also enable the firm to successfully tackle challenges related to data quality, data centralization and project complexity. And since the solar energy market has experienced a lot of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many solar organizations have also realized that by effectively leveraging a CRM-based platform like SaaS Solar, one of the best solar CRM in USA, they can also mitigate business disruptions and ensure continuity during uncertain events.

Solar CRM to streamline door to door sales, proposal creation, installation and invoicing

A platform like SaaS Solar  has been specifically designed to meet the needs of solar firms. With this CRM-based solution, solar organizations can easily manage the entire lead generation, sales and project management lifecycle without missing a single detail. With its in-built functionalities for managing door to door sales, creating quick proposals, designing customer-specific solar installations and more, SaaS Solar empowers solar firms to effortlessly manage every aspect of their customer-facing operations – from lead capture, nurturing and conversions, to quotations, design, installation, invoicing and post-installation support.

SaaS Solar requires zero coding, and is compatible with any kind of mobile or desktop device – making it ideal for both experienced and novice solar professionals (and companies).

ERP and asset management tools for real-time performance monitoring

In order to measure the performance of solar PV assets, and to understand whether these assets are performing at optimal levels, comprehensive data is critical. With a combined ERP and asset management tool, asset owners can leverage data for real-time performance monitoring and preventative maintenance. This enables them to identify problems early, and take necessary action to minimize downtime. It also provides the added benefit of greater transparency for stakeholders.

Moreover, such platforms also deliver other key benefits like improved output, higher asset availability (and lifetimes), and lower O&M costs, which combine to generate a significant competitive edge for solar firms.

Solar design software to simplify panel design and installation

These solutions enable solar firms to quickly design a customized installation plan for their customers. A modern solar design software would offer CAD features for 2D and 3D single-line drawings, real-time mapping and integrated solutions/scenario testing, to speed up the installation process at lower cost.

For those customers who consider solar-powered panels “unsightly”, solar skin design software can help customize solar panels to match the appearance of their roofs. In addition to their aesthetic value, these new-look solar panels offer the same efficiency and energy production as normal panels.

A final word

The solar industry is growing at a rapid pace, and will continue to do so for several decades. To support this growth, more and more software and IT tools tailored to this industry will become available. For solar firms, these solutions will help streamline their operations, lower costs, simplify project management, and boost their sales and profits. Organizations that are slow to adopt these solutions will find themselves falling behind in this highly-competitive industry.

SaaS Solar  is dedicated to helping solar organizations make the most of their assets, grow their customer base, and contribute to creating a cleaner, greener planet. If you are part of such a firm and need help with software implementation (particularly Solar CRM), get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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